Companies in Phoenix

Capital of state of Arizona, Phoenix is also known as “The Valley of the Sun”. The city grew exponentially since the early 60’s due to its successful electronics industry. Phoenix is home to 4 of the Fortune 500 Companies like the electronics developer and manufacturer Anvet. The company is the largest distributor of electronic components in United States.

Anvet also specialises in IC programming and electronics marketing. Anvet is one of globally acclaimed companies supplying IT solutions, electronics components and computer solutions for enterprises.

Revolutionizing the computer industry

The invention of semiconductors and electronic motherboards allowed for the development of air-conditioners, which allowed the hot and unforgiving environment of Phoenix to be further developed. Businesses in the Valley of the Sun prospered and the oncoming electronics industry was developing as never before seen.

Computer technology makes up about 20% of Phoenix’s economy which is by far more than any technologically oriented city in Arizona.

One of the most recognised companies in Phoenix called Honeywell Aerospace Division has its headquarters based in Phoenix.