Data recovery Arizona

It happened to all of us before, whether we accidently deleted a file, a hard drive died in the midst of our work, or our files just simply got corrupted due to software or hardware errors, data loss is one of the most difficult problems any user can face.

There are many reasons as to why a hard drive or any storage medium may fail or experience data loss, but with the proper tools, experts can recover data from almost any device. There are, of course, more extreme examples of data recovery, where you have to recover data from almost totally destroyed hard drives.

Data recovery is essentially an attempt to retrieve the data that has become inaccessible to the user due to some type of failure or error. One of the most common reasons for data recovery is user error – almost every one of us accidently deleted a files he or she might need, but only later realized the mistake. Data recovery Arizona is one of the best places to get expert help for your data.

What happens when we delete a file?

Surprising as it may sound, deleting a file on your computer doesn’t actually delete it, but it just marks it as deleted and the computer forgets about it. The file is still present on our device whether it is a USB stick, hard drive, SD card or any other medium. The deleted file doesn’t physically move or overwrites itself, it remains there until our computer overwrites over it with new data, which could be hours, weeks or even months.

The crucial thing to do is, when you realized you deleted your file and can’t recover it, to stop using your computer. This will greatly increase the chances of the file being recovered by data recovery experts as it will be more unlikely that the computer will overwrite the space where the file is stored.

Inner view of a hard disk drive Seagate Medalist ST33232A

Most common types of data loss

There are many ways a user can experience data loss; from a simple power outage to mechanical problems and all in between. Let’s get on to naming the most common causes:

  1. File DeletionIn most cases user error, file deletion is by far the number 1 cause of data loss. It is the easiest to recover if you notice it quickly enough.
  2.  Corrupted filesSeems like the computer boots up fine, but whenever we try to open that document or any file, it seems nothing happens or the computer gives out the all-too-well-known message “corrupt hard drive”. Don’t be disheartened if this happens, because it may be that the operating system has crashes or experiences other failures. When connecting such a hard drive to another computer it is relatively easy to recover the data.
  3. Damaged or deleted file systemLike when we delete a file on our computers, we can also format a file system which is similar to deleting a file. However, it may not be always our fault, because file systems can be damaged several ways – either with viruses, mechanical failure or user error. All storage mediums have a file system and the most common on our hard drives is NTFS and our USB drives is FAT or FAT32. Data recovery engineers can repair our damaged file system and we can quickly access our data once again.
  4. Physically damaged driveIt’s no secret that hard drives and other storage devices are sensitive to pretty much anything, from vibrations to heat, you have to keep your data feeling comfortable. However, when we experience data loss due to physical damage, there are special procedures that need to take place for data to be recovered. Data recovery professionals use special “clean rooms” where they take the drive apart and try to repair it. These clean rooms prevent the hard drive from static electricity and dust which can both damage the drive beyond repair.

Tucson and Phoenix – on the bleeding edge of technology research

Home to some of the leading data recovery companies, Arizona data recovery services feature cutting-edge innovative technologies that keep the business world and its data safe. Companies like Intel ( ) who are one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors in the world and Motorola (, a popular smartphone developer have open offices here.

Found only 175 km south of Phoenix, Tucson is one of the larger cities in United States and is home to the world-renowned University of Arizona. With an advancing technology industry, Tucson hosts a variety of high-tech companies such as the famous computer and nanotechnology manufacturer IBM ( and Texas Instruments (, one of the largest semiconductor design and manufacturing companies.